Trends & Tensions It's Time To Take Action - February 2024
In 2022 I introduced the vision I had for the American Mindfulness Association in that 20-minute Ted-like talk from my heart I shared the why, how, and what of the organization.  Now two years later many of you are saying, "Holly, I agree with you."  A few of you admitted you've been sitting on the sidelines.  Here is the full video 
Sadly while the need for mindfulness skills in all aspects of daily life has increased the tensions found by watching the trends in our work are staggering. 
In this 2022 talk I shared the following 4 bullets:
  • Is this an industry? Answer - Yes
  • Can we agree upon a definition of mindfulness, please?
  • Can we collaborate vs compete and in so doing build bigger opportunities for all
  • We need a pathway to professionalism - certificates, and credentials. Who decides and how do we find ways to create rigorous, respected, and pervasive?
Mindfulness as an industry is where yoga was 20 years ago.
We have to stop pretending that mindfulness is still only ancient wisdom, while virtual reality headsets are a gateway to new mindfulness users.
This is why the American Mindfulness Association exists. We truly stand on the shoulders of giants in the industry who have been expanding this powerful work.
I can not this work alone. Our esteemed board of directors have agreed to take on active committee assignments to address these concerns. They need you.
Membership Committee
Technology Committee
Scientific Committee lead by Jackie Quan and Michael Coplen.
Now is the time we are the people. Do you see what I see?  Let's have a conversation. 

With gratitude,

Holly Duckworth, Executive Director