Frequently Asked Questions:

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When was the American Mindfulness Association (AMA) Founded?

The American Mindfulness Association was founded in 2021 as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit.

Why was the American Mindfulness Association Founded?

The American Mindfulness Association was founded to address the needs of mindfulness professionals across the multidisciplinary field of mindfulness. The association services all Chief Mindfulness Officers across businesses from corporate to government, mindfulness teachers and trainers, academic institutions teachers and students of mindfulness, and the various suppliers to the industry including but not limited to mindfulness technologists. 

Who Founded the American Mindfulness Association?

While there are many great visionaries that contribute to modern mindfulness this association was founded by Holly Duckworth & Eric Szymanski long-time mindfulness practitioners and association executives.  Holly's background includes more than 15 years as a certified association executive and certified meeting professional.  

Eric is a 20-year award-winning sales professional in brands such as Hilton, Marriott, Starwood, and Disney.  His commitment to world-class customer experience lead him to find mindfulness for stress reduction and focus.

Together Holly & Eric founded the AMA as the professional trade association where mindfulness professionals can work together to reduce any stigma around workplace mindfulness and advocate at the state and federal level for common sense mindfulness regulation as that becomes necessary for workplace mindfulness adoption on a wider scale. 

Who can join the AMA? 

Members of the AMA include all aspects of the mindfulness industry including mindfulness professionals, teachers, universities, and technologists.  One key initiative of AMA is to reduce the silos in the mindfulness industry and be the place where mindful professionals can be mindful about bringing mindfulness into the workplace. 

Where was the AMA Founded?

AMA was founded in Denver Colorado to be able to serve the entire US and its International partners. 

How can I be involved in the AMA?

There are a variety of ways to be involved in AMA and no one path to participation.  Many professionals start with a guest membership in our 24/7 online community and quickly accept the invitation to full professional, corporate or academic membership.  Membership fees range by category and can be found here.

What is the vision of the AMA?

What is the mission of the AMA?

The AMA references workplace mindfulness.  What do you mean by that?  

Workplace mindfulness is the ecosystem of tools that are safe and acceptable to use in the workplace.  While we know the power found in all types of mindfulness.  It can be unlawful and unsafe to bring spirituality into the workplace.  Our association is focused on serving those practices that are workplace safe and welcoming to all. 

What are the benefits of being a member of the AMA?

If you have been teaching or working in the mindfulness space any length of time it is possible you have experienced the "woo woo" factor. That palce of being unwelcomed simply by the use of or misunderstanding around thewhat exacty mindfulness is.  Our association brings together like minded professsionals to address this. 
Much like a dentist is a meber of the American Dental Association to add to credibility the American Mindfulness Association aspires to be this sampe professional trade association for workplace mindfulness.  

What are the benefits of being an AMA volunteer?

Volunteers gain additional recognition and leadership opportunities by giving their time and talent to serve on an AMA committee or task force.  For more on what roles are available visit: 

What are the benefits of being an AMA founding sponsor?


How is the AMA different than the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA)?

How is the AMA different than the Search Inside Yourself Institute (SIY Global)? 

How is the AMA different to and/or mindful magazine? 

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