Join us on May 22nd for World Meditation Day

Did you know, national Meditation Day is the 21st day of May every year?

While meditation is often traced back to ancient wisdom more modern mindfulness offers similar tools and techniques to support our busy global lifestyles.  Today, workplace mindfulness has transcended past stereotypes and become mainstream for mental health, workplace wellbeing, and business success. 

Since World Meditation Day is a Sunday this year the American Mindfulness Association will honor the day on Monday, May 22nd.  

Ways to Celebrate with us:

  • Mindful stillness - Offer a secular and voluntary meditation moment in your workplace. Even a 60-second moment to arrive before in-person or Zoom meetings can help your participants.
  • Mindful movement - Did you know, not all meditation is about stillness?  Invite a colleague to take a mindful movement break or a short walk to re-set for the day.
  • Join the members of the American Mindfulness Association at our gathering to share a moment of meditation and stories of workplace mindfulness success.  
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What is The American Mindfulness Association?

The American Mindfulness Association is the professional trade association where the mindfulness industry connects to the leading research, practices and tools to provide secular and neuroscience-based mindfulness programs in workplaces.  

We offer members education, networking, and member discounts on various products and services. 

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