Do you have a curiosity about current research on mindfulness?  

Would you like to have a place to learn from the researchers about the research?

The Journal Club serves as a dynamic and inclusive forum for professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of mindfulness research and its applications in practice, workplace effectiveness, and everyday life. Through collaborative learning, critical inquiry, and shared exploration, members empower themselves to harness the transformative potential of mindfulness for personal and professional growth.

The American Mindfulness Association Journal Club is curated by our Scientific Committee co-lead by Jackie Quan & Michael Coplen.  If you would like to suggest a piece of research or be considered for membership on the scientific committee reach out to Jackie at [email protected].

Participation in the Journal club is an exclusive benefit for members and their invited guests.  If you would like to register visit the dates below: 

Click date below to register for the Journal Club you would like to attend. 

April 25, 2024 - Mindfulness + Sleep 

June 25, 2024 - Mindfulness + Spirituality

 August 26, 2024 Mindfulness + Habits

October 22, 2024 Mindfulness + Anxiety 

 *Dates may be subject to change.